You're the lone operator of a Moon Base Pyrrha and the asteroids are attacking!  Shoot down the oncoming rocks by manning the defense equipment - cannons, satellites, and lazer turrets.  Build or repair damaged  equipment when you have a chance to breath.  See how many waves you can last!

This game was a solo-dev project for the 48 hour 2019 Mark Brown/Game Makers Toolkit game jam.  The game was made in Unity and all art was done in Photoshop.

Controls are all on the keyboard:

  • A/D move from one spot to the next
  • Select your mode (Repairing, Attacking, Upgrading, or Building) with the 1,2, and 3 keys.
  • In Attack Mode (the lightening bolt icon), use the Q and E keys to tilt the equipment left or right.  Use W to fire the Cannon.  When operating the Satellite or Lazer Turret, use W to turn on and off the power.
  • Escape exits the tutorial.  Space goes through the instructions when the tutorial is present.

Other tips:

  • Empty spots can be built into new equipment but it takes a while to get the spot ready.  Monitor the progress at the bottom on the hammer icon.
  • In Repair Mode (the heart icon)  sit back and relax while the equipment's health regenerates.
  • Upgrade Mode (the book icon) takes a while to set up the next modification to your equipment.  As you use Upgrade Mode, you'll collect Upgrade points which are represented in the red bubble above the book icon.  Spend wisely!
  • After your inevitable loss, you can restart the game and play again!

Known Bugs:

  • Text will sometimes become white blocks.  This would take an entire revamp of the text system to it's staying while the judging phase goes on.

Post Deadline Patches:

  • Fixed a collision issue
  • Updated Tutorial text mistakes

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